Butterfly and Rhino offer a wide variety of workshops, open classes, and master classes.

Open Classes

Monday April 25: 7-9pm Fighting with Rapier -with Kevin Robinson

Join us at 83 Terry Fox Drive, Unit 4, Kingston (Kingston Fencing Club) for only $20.

Open Classes are held every two weeks, on Mondays. They cover a wide array of weapons and subjects, and are a wonderful introduction to Performance Combat Arts, or a great outing for you and your friends.


We offer workshops at, and for, schools, theatre companies, corporate events and public events.

Workshops are typically in Unarmed Stage Combat, but can be geared towards a specific weapon, and are 2-3 hours in length, for either a single day, or over multiple days.

Master Classes

We offer masterclasses of two, five and seven days, including Fighting for Film, Intro to Stunts, and classes for specific weapons. Some examples are:

Intro to Fighting For Film

This two day, full-day intensive workshop, will provide students with basic unarmed techniques designed specifically to be captured well on film, with a focus on camera angle, speed of techniques, and speed of choreography retention.

Intro to German Longsword

Drawing on the work of Liechtenhauer, and Meyer, we will explore German Longsword through the lens of stage combat. How do we use the concepts and teachings of these masters while maintaining the safety and protocols of modern Stage Combat?