Butterfly and Rhino offer FDC certification classes at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels. They can be taken as intensives or long-format courses.

Intensives: Intensive courses are 2.5 – 3 weeks of 8-hour days with one or two rest days dependent on the course length. This style of learning lives up to its name, and may be difficult for those with retention issues, or who prefer more time for movement to be incorporated in the body, but it’s ideal for quick learners, people traveling from abroad, and those who are limited in their time.

Long-Format: Long-format courses run over a period of 3 months with classes offered 1-2 days a week. This style of learning is ideal for those who prefer more time for movement to be incorporated in the body. Intermediate and Advanced levels have an intensive portion prior to testing for exam preparation.

Our Commitment to You

Students who take courses with us will receive:

Time above the minimum number of hours required by FDC to certify. We want students to feel confident that they have had the time to practice their techniques, learn their choreography, and work their scenes, so that your training stays with you long after the course ends.

A mid-course assessment detailing where each student is currently in their training.

A detailed final assessment, and recommendations that are tailored to your specific needs, hopes and goals.

Highly qualified instructors who are skilled not only in helping students master concepts and techniques, but in creating an enriching, positive learning environment.