Fight Directing and Stunt Coordinating

Fight Directing

Fight Directors have dedicated their study to the creation of believable, and powerful acts of aggression and violence on stage. We are responsible for keeping our actors safe from physical harm, while giving them the tools to perform these scenes believably. We also bare the responsibility of building scenes that have the desired effect on the audience without risking the emotional and psychological health of the actor. Typically working in theatre, Fight Directors need all fights, or moments of acted violence to be repeatable several days a week for the life of a show.

Stunt Coordinating

Stunt Coordinators jobs are similar, but diverge in important ways. They oversee the planning and choreography of the fight/moment/stunt, often using complex calculations to determine the load on a jerk line, for example, or the speed and trajectory of a flipping car. They need to be hyper-vigilant about safety while still telling the story the director wants. Stunt Coordinators are often asked to coordinate moments that only need to be repeated a few times on the day, with much less rehearsal. The often more dangerous nature of stunts means that Coordinators typically require their stunt people to use much more PPE.

Both Stunt Coordinators and Fight Directors have to train in a variety of movement styles, and learn skills outside of their early training. It is why our Fight Directors and Stunt Coordinators have training in gun safety and control, Tactical Unit maneuvers, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, martial arts, parkour, rock climbing, rope safety, wirework, controlled burns, precision driving, multiple weapon styles, unarmed fighting, environment/found/household non-weapons, and more. We must always be learning, and always growing.

What People Say

Kevin Robinson has consistently built his skills and knowledge for all the time I have known him. He was always my first suggestion when non union films needed a stunt coordinator or performer. Now that he is union he should be on your contact list for any future projects. If you are lucky enough to work with Kevin you will find yourself appreciating all the art he brings to his craft.

Daniel Levinson – Owner of Rapier Wit

Hiring Tammy to work on the stage combat scenes for August: Osage County was a key, critical decision. Her work with a multigenerational cast was stellar. She considered all physical abilities and restrictions before arriving to rehearsal. Her choreography was meticulously planned to embrace the tone of the play, and the end result was both dark and comedic: it inspired both giggles and gasps. Learning and perfecting the stage combat scenes under Tammy’s guidance was incredibly fun. Tammy’s teaching style meant that everyone felt safe, secure and confident. Tammy is quite simply, fantastic to work with. Her choreography is creative and pays attention to a director’s entire vision.

Margo Rodgers – Director (August: Osage County)