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Our diverse array of workshops allow people at all levels of their professional development to learn and grow. We offer specific weapons training, drop ins, master classes, and customized workshops for theatre companies, schools, and the public. All workshops are taught by industry professionals who dedicate themselves to creating a safe, positive, and professional environment.

Full Length Courses

All stage combat courses endeavour to provide students with the industry’s gold standard for theatrical and screen techniques; focusing on safety, storytelling, and style. Students will use deconstruction, disruption, and drills to create an environment of safety and trust, in which actors can rehearse and perform.

Fight Directing/Stunt Coordinating

Fight Directors and Stunt Coordinators jobs are similar, but diverge in important ways. Both oversee the planning and choreography of the fight/moment/stunt, and both are focused on the safety and storytelling of it. Fight Directors typically work in theatre and need all fights/moments of acted violence to be repeatable several days a week for the life of a show, while often using minimal PPE. Stunt Coordinators are often asked to coordinate moments that only need to be repeated a few times on the day, with less rehearsal, and often use much more PPE because of the increased risk in their work.

What is FDC?

Fight Director’s Canada is Canada’s largest Stage Combat organization, and is recognized by CAEA and ACTRA as the national standard for stage and screen combat. For over 25 years FDC has continuously developed and refined combat practices for stage and screen; dedicating themselves to the safe and effective performance of stage combat, and training actors and instructors to a world-class standard of performance.

What is Certification?

Certification through FDC is a recognition of meeting a national standard that is highly regarded throughout the international stage combat community, as well as our national unions; ACTRA and CAEA. The training hours required, and highly-qualified certified instructors help not only to elevate an actor’s technique in performing stage combat, but to give actors insight into how to integrate their fight into the scene to create a moving, story-driven performance.

Certification Levels


The first level of certification is considered to be essential for all professional actors. The Basic Actor-Combatant is competent in the weapon systems at this level, and above all, safe.


The second level of certification begins a study of historical fighting styles in broad strokes. The Intermediate Actor-Combatant is skilled in the weapon systems at this level, and always safe.


The final level of certification for performers refines and perfects the actor’s skills and knowledge. Fight Directors Canada only awards Advanced Actor-Combatant to those candidates who appear flawless, fast and unfailingly safe.

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Our mission is to help artists create, and perform powerful, believable stories, and to teach stage combat to the highest possible standard.

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